Welcome to "Life is GREAT on Highway 8!", sponsored by the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation. Each of the 5 cities along the Highway 8 Corridor in Minnesota, from Chisago City to Taylors Falls, has a large oversized, brightly-colored Adirondack-style chair. There are also 37 artistically-designed chairs outdoors at sponsor locations along the Highway 8 corridor available to buy through a silent auction. Silent auction bids will be updated periodically. Click on photos to learn more .


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-         Roger Trivette for designing and building 32 of the 37 chairs, and Patrick Sullivan for building another 5 chairs to meet the demands of our local sponsors

-         The wood shop guys at the Studios of Art on the Parmly campus: Tim Alm,  Milt Krona, Joe Palla, Don Bungum and others for sanding, routing and assembling the chairs.

-         Emily Carlson, the coordinator for the Parmly Studio of Arts for her involvement and her patience!

-         Johnny Highsmith who primed the chairs.

-         Rod Stensrud, Ross Stensrud and Ben Mattson for helping transport the chairs.

-         Larry Julik-Heine who coordinated the efforts in Taylors Falls.

-         Orris Erlandson, a Board member who provided the materials and labor for building the BIG chair for Lindstrom, and came up with a pattern for the other BIG chairs.

-         Mike Julik and Steve Julik who built the BIG chair for Taylors

-        Renee Lynn Photography in Lindstrom who photographed the chairs for the website

-         Patrick Sullivan for being a Boy Scout mentor and chair builder, and allowing the BIG chairs to be built, primed an painted in his yard.

-         Cody Kloetzke and the Chisago City Boy Scout Troop.  Cody lead the BIG chair project to help earn his Eagle Scout badge.  Also thanks to Pete & Trevor Daniels, Logan Ferrebee, Devin Cavanaugh, Tyler & Dave Geisenhof and several friends and family members including Sara Kloetzke, Jim Kloetzke, Barbara Kloetzke, Kelson Stow, Jerry Nottingham, and also Hanna S. and Mike L.

-         Each of the 5 cities, from Chisago City to Taylors Falls, and their respective EDA/EDC’s for encouraging the project, and especially Chisago City, Lindstrom and Center City for their financial sponsorship.

-         Nancy Hoffman and the Chisago County EDA, for approving a $1500 grant to match the sponsorships from the 5 cities.

-         Shafer Corn Maze for sponsoring the BIG chair for Shafer.

-         Hirschfields – Michelle Rivard for donating primer and stain.

-         Sherwin Williams and Home Depot of Forest Lake for donating paint.

-         Lamperts of St. Croix Falls for paint and a cash donation.

-         Wade Vitalis and The Drive In in Taylors Falls for donating root beer for the “Chair Affair” event for sponsors, artists and volunteers.

-         Mary O’Reilly and Printing Express in Center City for designing and printing the map handouts.

-         McDonalds in Chisago City for donating ice cream cones for the first 200 viewers who entered the contest to win $200 in gift certificates to sponsoring businesses.

-         Donna Prahl who designed the project banners and donated two of them.

-         And last but not least, the 35 businesses and organizations who sponsored the one-

of-a-kind artistically designed chairs, and the 37 artists who painted them with

thoughtful creativity and enthusiasm!  The artists and sponsors are identified on the

map handouts and on www.highway8chairs.com.