Slot Tournament Advice from the Experts

Now I conclude my serie on slot tournament by including some advices from expert and the tournament director themselves about how to maximize your overall tournament experience.

“There’s a lot of fun and enthusiasm associated with a slot tournament,” said Mike Bacher of Harry’s. “Sure, they don’t require the strategy of a blackjack tournament. The basic premise is luck. But overall, everyone has a good time, and that makes for a great day for everyone.”

Mike offered a bit of advice for playing in a cash tournament in which you make a cash buy-in before each round:

“After the buy-in, say $160 in dollar coins, you start by manually putting in the coins,” Mike explained. “But after you build up some credits on the machine, it’s best to play the credits by pressing the play button for maximum coins. By using your credits you’ll save time and effort, plus you’ll have the opportunity to make more plays in the allotted time. Your ultimate score will be based on the coins you have in your bucket plus the number of credits on the machine.”

Casino slot manager John Clausen offered this advice about technique in a tournament situation:

“The best way to play is as fast as you can,” Clausen said. “By hitting the play button constantly, you’re trying to get a jump on activating a play every time the machine says it’s ready. Just keep in mind that you can’t activate the machine for a new play until the ‘insert coin’ light is on.”

Clausen then summed up tournament play by noting: “Excitement is the real draw. So, if you’re looking for a new twist on having fun at the casino and at the same time want some added excitement for your wagering dollar, give a slot tournament a whirl!”

Tournaments are scheduled far enough in advance for you to sign up for them. They’re usually announced in the newsletters the casinos send out. Keep in mind that registration is usually limited, so don’t delay signing up to avoid being shut out. Finally, if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas or another gaming jurisdiction, try to find out about all the tournament action that’ll be available at casinos during your stay so you can make your plans.