French Roulette or American Roulette? Winning is a matter of zeros

To win big money at roulette you need luck, a lot of luck. We can not say that we have the opportunity to rage over the decisions of luck, but a little help, it must be said, we can also give it to him. Everything is to choose the roulette with the highest payout. On the popular gambling site experts are full of tips, let us jump!

The Shakespearean dilemma in the case of roulette player is not between being or not being, but between the American and French roulette. Between one and the other is a tiny difference, a double zero. This double zero, however, is able to vary considerably the chances of winning of the player.

Always choose the French roulette, do not be ensnared by those who want to sell the American. The difference is all in the numbers: if the French roulette in the casino advantage is only 2.70% in American roulette rises to 5.26%. In short, the double zero was invented to shell out money to the patrons of roulette.

But the disappointments do not stop here. The French roulette allows the so-called “prison” for the simple bets. In practice, if the zero output of the chips are put aside, as if they were frozen, awaiting the next pitch. This is for the player an advantage. In American roulette bets on the present instead of the chips are simple voraciously sucked from the bench. You still are not sure which wheel to choose?