Welcome to "Life is GREAT on Highway 8!", sponsored by the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation. Each of the 5 cities along the Highway 8 Corridor in Minnesota, from Chisago City to Taylors Falls, has a large oversized, brightly-colored Adirondack-style chair. There are also 37 artistically-designed chairs outdoors at sponsor locations along the Highway 8 corridor available to buy through a silent auction. Silent auction bids will be updated periodically. Click on photos to learn more .

Chair # 32 – Skol Vikings! – Final bid $300

Pinned on June 27, 2013 at 11:12 pm by Lou Ann

Chair # 32 – Skol Vikings! – Final bid $300

Chair # 32  (click photo to enlarge)

LOCATION:   Shafer Saloon & Grill – small town atmosphere with cold beer, great pizza, burgers and fun!   Serving lunch and dinner, and even breakfast – try the pizza omelet!  A great place for locals, and also for bikers and area visitors – enjoy the nostalgia of video games and pull tabs.


30220 Redwing Ave

Shafer, MN 55074

(651) 257-1615

ARTISTS:              Mike Dodge, Center City and Katsy Hanson, Lindstrom


CHAIR NAME:           “Sköl Vikings!”


Mike Dodge is an artist who has been on a lifelong quest to find her medium. Her talent was evident from the moment she received her first box of 64 crayons – she loved color! And she was great at staying between the lines. Really great.  As a child, she gained an appreciation of painting with Plaster of Paris figurines, at the home of a woman who had 14 kids.  Later, in her intellectual period, she took an actual art history course, and she enjoyed painting nudes at the University of MN.  She continued on this path, taking an evening course in acrylic painting and then another in sculpting, not finding any talent in either.  Then, in a period marked by frenetic, creative energy, she explored painting on silk, porcelain, and ceramics, discovering those long-sought talents. She’s had some professional success with her photo art.  And now, after waiting 50 years to finally paint with watercolors, she is grateful to be influenced (and entertained) by the talented Katsy Hanson and Lou Ann Mattson, and gets inspiration (and lots of laughter) from her current art teacher Kay Oien and her King’s Bluff Watercolor Society. We are left with only one question: how did a girl from a cloistered convent, graduating from that convent in 1960, ever get to be painting a MN Vikings chair, even though she’s never watched a Vikings game in her life?


Katsy Hanson has been a Vikings fan since they played at the Met Center in Bloomington! She taught elementary education for more than 30 years, and was the coordinator for Gifted students in the Chisago Lakes School District prior to her retirement.  Katsy likes to dabble in various art forms and is currently taking watercolor classes.


Visit the sponsor locations for all 37 Highway 8 Chairs for a chance to win $200 in gift certificates to the sponsor(s) of your choice.  Just keep track of the chair codes on the Highway 8 Chairs Map. To place a Silent Auction Bid for this chair, place your bid on the bid sheet inside the restaurant during business hours.