Welcome to "Life is GREAT on Highway 8!", sponsored by the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation. Each of the 5 cities along the Highway 8 Corridor in Minnesota, from Chisago City to Taylors Falls, has a large oversized, brightly-colored Adirondack-style chair. There are also 37 artistically-designed chairs outdoors at sponsor locations along the Highway 8 corridor available to buy through a silent auction. Silent auction bids will be updated periodically. Click on photos to learn more .

Chair # 31 – Inside a Bluebird House – Final bid $500

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Chair # 31 – Inside a Bluebird House – Final bid $500

Chair # 31  (click photo to enlarge)

0040 hwy 8 chairs 06-26-13


Chair # 31 (click photo to enlarge)

0039 hwy 8 chairs 06-26-13

Chair # 31  (click photo to enlarge)

LOCATION:   Emily Jo’s Mini Mart – gas and convenience store.   Groceries, convenience items and an ATM with 24 hour service at the pumps.

30032 Afton Way

Shafer, MN 55074
(651) 213-6834

ARTIST:                     Gloria Peterson, Lindstrom

 CHAIR NAME:          “Inside a Bluebird House”

Gloria grew up in Franconia Township and graduated from Chi-Hi.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Art Education, she taught art in Australia for two years before returning to the Chisago Lakes area.  She taught in the Taylors Falls school for fourteen years, and Chisago Lakes Middle School for eighteen years.  Gloria has now retired from teaching and has become a full-time artist.

As a member of the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota, Gloria monitors a bluebird trail of 40 (20 pairs) bluebird houses at Wild River State Park. Once a week she looks inside each house to see what’s happening (nests, eggs, chicks, remove nests after the chicks have fledged). She writes down data and submits an end of the year report.  For each of the last six years, more than 100 new bluebirds have emerged from this bluebird trail.
Sometimes when opening a house, Gloria will find the mother bird calmly sitting on eggs.  Once last summer, she opened a house, and the bird looked at her as if to say, “You want a photo?  Sure.  Go for it.  Just close the door when you’re done, please.” The bird stayed on the nest, even after the door closed.  A week later, that bird was again on the nest.  ”Another photo?  No problem. Don’t forget to close the door.”
The painting on the seat of the chair is from that second photo.
Paper wasps like to build their nests on the bottom (underneath) of bluebird houses.


Visit the sponsor locations for all 37 Highway 8 Chairs for a chance to win $200 in gift certificates to the sponsor(s) of your choice.  Just keep track of the chair codes on the Highway 8 Chairs Map. To place a Silent Auction Bid for this chair, place your bid on the bid sheet inside the store during business hours.